Case Study Bed or School Assignment

Differentiating Case Study Bed and School Assignments

A case study bed is a trademark is one type of design for bedroom furniture. Typically, this scheme is represented by a simple platform bed resting on legs made from metal or wood. The support for the bed is often slim, which makes the furniture appear minimalist in its design.

On the other hand, a case study as a school assignment is a long and involving piece. Students are required to increase our understanding of an issue based on a specific point of view. For instance, you can study a region to uncover nuances about an issue that affects the area. Alternatively, you can look into someone's life to investigate how a particular problem manifests itself. Similarly, the process can be applied when you are examining an event or a phenomenon.

This article discusses the various things you need to keep in mind for the assignment. Learn the basic structure along with other considerations you should make. After all, you need to improve the quality of pieces you churn out to get better grades.

Sections of a Case Study

The introduction of your case study is like a window into the write-up. What is your subject, and to what extent do you want to cover it? Are there reasons your readers should care about the problem you want to address? Do you know enough about the subject to talk about solutions to existing issues? What do we stand to gain from your analysis and interpretation of the topic? A well-written introduction should answer the questions above.

As for the literature review, students should strive to put their research in the context of our current understanding of the subject. Since some academicians have already tried their hand at tackling the issue, it is crucial to document and analyze their findings. However, you should be particular in this section since numerous educational pieces may not be relevant to the chosen angle.

Is what we already know about the topic enough? Are there gaps that you feel your case study can fill? Are you able to identify and synthesize vital information from previous studies related to the problem? Is your approach going to contribute more knowledge or allow us to understand the issue from a different perspective? Addressing these concerns will boost the quality of your literature review section.

Afterward, you need to take a look at the method of analysis and sources of data you want to use. The theoretical framework you use should be relevant to your field. Moreover, you need to talk about the process you will use to find practical solutions. After all, your write-up should be significant by providing reasonable recommendations to improve the situation you are covering.

In summary, your case study should distinct from the themed bed described above. In favor of simplicity, your research into the problem must be thorough and keen. Take the time to study the paper's structure and ensure you have included all the necessary sections. Also, it will be best if you also brushed up on your use of referencing styles.

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