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An article review is a typical writing assignment that students in college are being given by their tutors nowadays. Under this article, a student is expected to evaluate and summaries other authors' work in detail. They are supposed to identify the given item's central theme, give their supporting arguments, and highlight areas for further research.

An article review is essentially where you analyze another person's work, make a conclusion, and then summarize your findings in an essay. It is essential to realize that there are two main types of book reviews, namely;

Literature review – this kind of assessment provides an overview of the research done on a given subject. In this type of review, you have to evaluate all the sources you have referred to when doing your research. Therefore, you have to include the many topics that the sources touch on.

Critical review – you do not need to analyze the whole book under study. Here, you only have to choose the part of the text you want to review and then focus on that selected part. You don't have to include all the concepts that the book talks about.

Professionals usually use article reviews to introduce their students to the works of experts in the field. These articles contribute to the students' overall grade. Therefore, every student is usually under pressure to submit an excellent paper to get a good grade.

You can see that the preparation for this kind of article is very time-consuming. This is because the student has to take time to go through the given article several times until they make sure that they completely understand it. After that, they have to make sure that they identify the central theme and then take their time to formulate ideas to support it. They then have to sit down and prepare the article itself.

It is also to keep in mind that this student will not only have this one assignment. College students usually have a lot of homework to deal with. This means that the laborious nature of book review writing then makes the article's drafting very challenging.

Another factor that makes this very hard for students is that they have other activities they are engaged in that cut into their time apart from assignment writing. Students are required to do some extracurricular activities and get a job to have some extra income. this makes assignment drafting hard, for there is not enough time to tackle the activities they are needed to do.

This is precisely why our company exists. We realized that many students are facing these problems and therefore decided to create a company to help them. Our company acts as a channel that connects any student in need of help with top-notch authors. We know how much students struggle to get a good grade. That is why we are here to make sure that they can get help any time they need it.

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