How to write a statement?

Denunciation is one of several possible ways of terminating your employment or other contract. Both employees and employers may file a notice of termination under various circumstances. The testimony must be made in writing, so you read on and learn how to write a statement so that it is flawless in both formal and content terms.

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How to write a notice of termination?

The notice of termination must include the addressee (ie the name of the company where you worked), the date on which the notice is given, the date on which the employment contract ends (ie after two months’ notice), your job title and your handwritten signature.

As to the reasoning, the employee may not have a reason to dismiss the reason. The same applies to dismissal by the employer only if the conditions precisely defined by law are met (gross violation of work discipline, etc.).

How to write a testimony by agreement?

We can speak about the termination if there is an agreement between the employee and the employer on the conditions of termination. The conclusion of such a compromise is probably the most comfortable alternative to dismissing employment at all. When writing a notice by agreement, it is necessary to emphasize above all the agreement of both parties with the stated conditions (otherwise the employer may not accept your statement because it declares that it does not agree with the conditions). In your statement by agreement, the wording of a similar type should certainly include: “I request an agreement to terminate the agreement within 2 weeks of receiving this letter (…)”

How to write a testimony form

Nowadays, a number of programs designed to write testimonies can be found on the Internet. We offer you a universal pattern to write a testimony and also a link to one program for writing testimonials:

  • How to write a testimony pattern
  • Termination of employment
  • (Employee Termination)
  • S.r.o.
  • Street 
  • City – Postcode

Subject: Termination of employment

Based on my employment contract, I have been working with your company since 8.7.2008 as a sales department manager. I hereby submit a notice of termination of employment under the Labor Code. My employment ends on the expiry of the two-month period – on 31.9.2012.

Prague, 28.6.2012

Jaromír Donosil, permanently flat ………. , RC: ………. (employee)

Jaromír Donosil

The notice was delivered to the company ………. 28.6.2012.

Termination Form

How to write a statement of an Internet company?

If you want to write a notice from an Internet company, we recommend that you first read the Terms and Conditions as some types of contracts cannot be terminated immediately. In most cases, however, it is sufficient to state the date of your contract and what product you actually ordered from the company (type and speed of connection).

Nonetheless, individual company statements may vary in detail, such as the length of the notice period, the duration of the contract (if it is for a fixed period, it may happen that it cannot be canceled before it expires).

How to write a notice of lease?

Under the law, it is possible for a lessee to terminate a lease under any conditions (that is, it may not be explicitly defined in it). However, this notice must also be given in writing, it must include the name of the tenant, the name of the lessor and, in particular, the time when the rental is due. Without this information, the contract is invalid. Furthermore, the notice period may not be shorter than three months and must end with the end of the calendar month.

Even in this case, it is very useful to get acquainted with the terms of the lease as it may bring some complications, especially in the form of a potential extension of the notice period of over three months.

How to write a testimony?

If you write a contract notice, you must not forget to specify both contracting parties (may be both physical and legal persons), further specify the exact date and preferably the place of conclusion of the contract, the subject of the contract (mediation of service, trade, work…). Of course, even in this case, every contract may differ in details but also in essential information (sometimes it is only possible to withdraw from the contract after a certain period of time, sometimes withdrawal from the contract must be replaced by financial compensation, etc.). If you are unsure whether you can terminate the contract free of charge, we recommend that you consult a number of law firms.

How can I order a notice?

Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions and the Price List and, if you have made an unambiguous decision to order a notice of any kind, complete our order. We will then contact you by e-mail and agree with you on the date and details.

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